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In 2007 I spent several months living in Gothenburg, Jens Lekman’s hometown, and during that time this album was released. I even saw him perform in a record store to promote it, but at the time I had no idea that Jens would go on to become one of my favourite artists, so I didn’t even bother to queue up to meet him. Although it wasn’t until I returned home to England that I really fell in love with this album, it still brings back great memories of my time in Sweden, because I feel like it is a true representation of Swedish culture.

Fans of acts like ABBA and Alcazar may believe that Sweden is camp and colourful 24/7, but actually the Swedes are very reserved, intelligent people. Jens’ witty and touching lyrics capture life as a young Swede, combining references that foreigners might not recognise (such as Zingo, the Swedish answer to Fanta) with stories that have universal appeal. Every song features a unique tale that hasn’t been told before in music, and I still notice new details every time I listen. Check out the catchy Friday Night at the Drive-in Bingo and anthemic And I Remember Every Kiss as an intro to Jens.

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