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Whenever I've been asked what I'm up to over the past few months, I've answered "I can't say, but it's very exciting." And now, the secret is out. The group I've been working with is RCA's major new girlband Neon Jungle! They are four girls aged 16-20 from around the UK: Amira, Asami, Jess and Shereen. Their debut single is Trouble, written by Cocknbullkid and produced by Fear of Tigers, an unstoppable ball of energy and attitude with the catchiest chorus of the summer. The album to follow is a very eclectic mix of cool, fun, creative pop, teenage anthems and more mature moments. I won't make any predictions, cos I'm biased here, but I do believe they have the potential to make a huge impact in 2013. Find out more and hear a snippet of Trouble in their first press coverage from Hunger and Popjustice.