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The name Catfish and the Bottlemen led me to expect a bumbly folk band but actually this Welsh four-piece make bright, energetic rock music. They live in a bed and breakfast in Llandudno, Wales, and have names like Van McCann and Billy Bibby that sound like characters from a children’s TV show. Unfortunately their names seem to be the most fun thing about them, but their sound is less offensive to my ears (i.e. less shouty) than last week’s Annoyingly Popular Rock Band of the Week, Royal Blood, and I like that The Guardian called them "defiantly uncool." They have the approval of NME and Radio 1, who made their new single Kathleen a Song of the Day last week. Radio 1 seem determined to keep throwing rock bands at their audience until one sticks. Maybe it will be Catfish and the Bottlemen?