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What is this new trend for imitating 90s pop imagery and matching it with inferior “cooler” music? First we had the new videos by Haim and Iggy Azalea/Charli XCX, and now there’s JUCE, a hipster girlband who are rumoured to be about to sign to Polydor. If I want to be nostalgic about 90s girlbands, I’ll watch a Spice Girls or Eternal video and enjoy a fun, catchy song at the same time! This must be how people who grew up in the 60s felt when they saw Duffy, but the problem with this re-appropriation is that it comes with the patronising attitude “we’ll copy the visuals but we couldn’t possibly release cheesy pop music like that.” I don’t doubt that these girls do enjoy a bit of Wannabe (who doesn’t?) and the video is fun to watch, but any label that signs them is foolish if they think anyone outside of Dalston will buy into this.