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I’m starting to think indie-electro could be the landfill indie of the 2010s, as the most excruciatingly dull examples seem to be earning recognition and praise. I can’t believe that these artists will appeal to anyone other than production geeks and pretentious posers, but somehow there’s a new one being hyped by all the usuals (Noisey, Pitchfork, Radio 1 etc.) every week. The latest is Ben Khan, whose single Eden is a compilation of unusual sounds which build up and develop as the song goes on. As much as I enjoyed the elephant noises and his attempt to camouflage himself with his wallpaper, I can’t quite see this topping the charts. But if he wants to go and hang out with Jungle and Jai Paul in a corner of the music industry that I don’t have to pay attention to, that’s fine with me.