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17-year-old U.S. singer Raury could be the next big teen star, but he’s certainly not the next Justin Bieber. I can see him following in the footsteps of his idol Kanye West instead, creating distinct, impactful and controversial music and visuals. In his powerful new song God’s Whisper, his vocals are somewhere between rapping and singing, but in the sweet and intimate earlier track Bloom he shows prowess in both skills. He sees himself as an “indigo child,” who grew up in the digital age, gaining knowledge and confidence beyond his years. In interviews he seems a bit arrogant, but that’s never held back a male artist before. Without major label backing, his video got 50,000 views in two weeks (before it was oddly removed from YouTube), plus support from Zane Lowe and Noisey.

Raury – God’s Whisper Music video from Andrew Donoho on Vimeo.