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After selling 100,000 singles in the US, electro-pop duo Cherub have signed to Columbia for the release of their forthcoming second album, Year of the Caprese. The band is made up of Jordan Kelley and Jason Huber, who surprisingly (considering their sound) hail from Nashville. Their most popular track is Doses and Mimosas, which is featured on both the old and new album, and has over two million YouTube views. At first it positions them as electro-funk-pop in the vein of Chromeo or Phoenix. But later, the song moves on to a hip-hop sound similar to Outkast, singing about hating “bitch ass hoes” and other unpleasantries, and the tone of the video changes to suit. Paul Lester’s Guardian review suggests it’s tongue-in-cheek, but I have a feeling most of their audience aren’t getting that.