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Last year a duo of Norwegian singer/songwriters called Envy had a big hit in Scandinavia with Am I Wrong, a pop song with a strong African feel. A few weeks ago I was confused to find the same song rising up the international Shazam chart by a different act, Nico & Vinz. I eventually worked out that it was the same duo, just with a new name – presumably they couldn’t copyright the name Envy worldwide. Personally I prefer their catchy follow-up In Your Arms to Am I Wrong, but I’m glad to see a pop track with an original sound doing well. Not only has the single been a hit across Europe, but it’s even making waves in the US. I’m sure the UK will follow soon. Nico & Vinz seem really fun and smiley in interviews, and it’s always great to see a Scandinavian act breaking out, so I wish them success.