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Bang Bang Bang is the alias of Natalie Chahal, who could be described as a more lo-fi Charli XCX, a poppier Sky Ferreira, and the latest artist to take inspiration from the grunge and riot grrl scenes of the 90s. Natalie transposes today’s Tumblr/Instagram aesthetic onto the 90s’ appropriation of 60s music and style. The visuals, as with Charli XCX, can appear too calculated and derivative, and so far the project hasn’t really clicked (her video views are low, especially considering the effort put into them) but I chose to feature Bang Bang Bang here because of the music. The more 60s-influenced tracks, such as Shake Shake Shimmy and Put Me In a Movie, show that Natalie can write a good pop song. She signed to Island last year and shares management with Rizzle Kicks, Rixton and Juce. I personally prefer her approach to this genre to Charli or Sky’s attempts, so I’m interested to see if she has more luck than they have in getting the general public to care (note that Charli has only had hits when she varies from this style).