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As the latest in a long line of new electro-R&B artists parading through the blogosphere, it was tempting to ignore Jones, but I try to give any new female artist a fair chance. When a fashionable sound becomes overdone, the barrier to success is raised higher, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible to jump over. London girl Cherie Jones, known simply as Jones, is making a great attempt with the first song she has posted online, a track called Deep (not to be confused with Go Deep by Jax Jones). While timing means she’ll be compared to FKA Twigs and Banks, Deep is more similar to Solange’s sound: sweet and blissful, cool without forgetting the importance of a good melody. She’s avoided putting much info online, but a bit of Googling revealed she used to post covers of indie songs under her full name, she’s about 24 and when she stays still she looks like this.