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A new duo made up of two superstar DJs could be the recipe for huge worldwide success, or a disappointing vanity project. Luckily, based on the sound of their official debut single, I think Skrillex and Diplo’s new collaboration Jack Ü fits better in the first category. The single is called Take Ü There and features Kiesza. It combines all three artists’ sounds and adds a large dose of commercial appeal. It bounces unpredictably from sweet and uplifting to chaotic and crazy. My only concern is whether Take Ü There’s unconventional structure will damage its chances of being a chart hit. Maybe it just takes a few more listens, but I found that as soon as I was getting into it, the song went off in a different direction. I ended up unsure whether I loved it or hated it, but the song makes such a statement it seems wrong to feel anything in the middle.