The next This Must Be Pop Live is just five days away, so it’s time to get to know the performers a little better. Here’s what electro-pop duo Ivy & Gold have to say for themselves…

Ivy Gold press shot (2)

How would you describe Ivy & Gold in 5 words?

Dramatic, pop, different, crazy, dark

What are the benefits and challenges you have found so far while releasing music independently?

Creative control is definitely a benefit. Getting as many people as possible to hear our music is probably the biggest challenge. We’re lucky we’ve managed to build a great fanbase so far.

Who is your favourite duo in music history?

That’s a hard question, there’s been so many! But if we had to pick then Johnny Cash and June Carter, because their songs are really fun to sing along to, especially ‘Jackson’.

Your band name comes from a Bombay Bicycle Club song. Which of your song titles do you think would make a good name for a band?

We think ‘Lions’ could be a good name for a band! Is it too late to change our name? Could definitely have a lot of fun with the artwork with a name like that.

What can we expect from your performance at This Must Be Pop Live?

Lots of drama, some light and shade, hopefully some catchy tunes! It’s a great venue as well so the sound should be pretty good for the audience.

Tickets for This Must Be Pop Live are on sale here for just £4 each, and you can get more info on the gig here. See you on Monday!