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I enjoy a bit of eccentricity in pop but nothing about Aronchupa‘s new Euro hit I’m an Albatraoz makes sense. Why is it all in English except one word? “Albatraoz” doesn’t even mean “albatross” in any language! And why is the singer so angry with a little mouse? Aronchupa, aka Aron Ekberg, is a Swedish DJ (think more Basshunter than Avicii) but the uncredited vocalist, Aron’s sister Nora Ekberg, totally steals the show. She’s a mix of M.I.A and Charli XCX, exhibiting star quality with a deranged look in her eye, as suits the vengeful and absurd lyrics to I’m an Albatraoz. After reaching no.1 in Sweden and Denmark, and top 10 in several other countries, it had its first UK regional radio plays last week. To be honest, I’m not convinced the UK will get it and I can’t see how it will work on the radio with the swearing removed, but I had to share this strange phenomenon with you nonetheless.