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The music scene gets a bit indie this time of year, as music snobs try to tell us their boring bands are the next big thing. Meanwhile, a new generation of pop stars don’t need the press to proclaim their future domination – they’re making their own careers without the mainstream media. 18-year-old Lia Marie Johnson is a great example, with 600k Twitter followers to James Bay’s 45k. She picked up an online following as a star of the Kids React YouTube series, which she used as a platform to get acting jobs, and now she’s releasing music as an independent artist. Although the production doesn’t do it justice, her new single Moment Like You is a quality pop song, and the video is as good as a major label would make for a new act. However, I think a year or two in development once a label comes on board will allow her to fulfil her pop star potential. The fanbase is ready when she is.