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A few weeks ago I visited Poland and picked up a poptastic souvenir, a compilation CD called Fresh Hits 2015. It was mainly Polish and European singles that haven’t made it over to the UK, so it turned out to be a fun way to discover some new music. Generally it was quite cheesy, featuring tracks like Wicked Wonderland and Freaks, but several songs have made their way onto my ipod. My favourite at the moment is Cool Enough, an unexpected collaboration between Italian dance act Spada and Aussie pop star Elen Levon. It has a similar sentiment to the fantastic Kids by Style of Eye (but from the kids' perspective), yet musically it’s a throwback to 90s Europop, with a riff reminiscent of ATC’s All Around The World. In the age of EDM, there aren’t many songs like this around, so it’s refreshing to be reminded of why I used to love European dance-pop.