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Watching teen sisters Chloe and Halle Bailey performing a cover of Beyoncé’s song Pretty Hurts on YouTube, it’s not hard to see why the superstar singer chose to sign them to her management company Parkwood Entertainment. She undoubtedly saw something of her younger self in their raw talent and awkward, blossoming beauty. Last week, it was reported that the duo have signed a $1 million contract with Parkwood, but there is no news on a record deal yet. Although Beyoncé’s support is a major boost, 17-year-old Chloe and 15-year-old Halle haven’t been entirely plucked from obscurity. They already have over half a million YouTube subscribers, have performed on Ellen (a Beyoncé cover of course) and have been acting for over a decade. Chloe even appeared alongside Beyoncé in The Fighting Temptations. They moved from Atlanta to LA to further their careers in the entertainment business, and as they reach the age their mentor was when she signed to Columbia, the label she is still with today, it’s the perfect time to make a play for pop stardom.