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18-year-old actress Hailee Steinfeld is one of the stars of Taylor Swift’s Bad Blood video, and she may soon be asking her pop star friend to return the favour. Hailee’s currently working on her debut album, having recently signed to Republic Records in the US. She’s best known for her roles in True Grit (for which she got an Oscar and Bafta nomination) and Ender’s Game, and has modelled for brands such as Miu Miu. She discovered her singing talents in Pitch Perfect 2, and uploaded an acoustic version of Jessie J’s song from the soundtrack, Flashlight, to her YouTube channel. I find it fascinating to see how actors-turned-artists position themselves, and I think the singer-songwriter vibe that Hailee’s Flashlight cover suggests she’ll go for is a good choice. She’s already proven popular with a big teen fanbase, and if she takes any inspiration from Taylor on how to manage her music career and public image, she’ll certainly be one to watch.