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Rozzi Crane is the first artist signed to Interscope from Adam Levine’s label 222 Records, and as such she got to make her debut TV performance on The Voice US. I knew nothing about her at the time, but was impressed by the quality of her song and performance. As an unknown artist performing on a TV talent show, it was natural to compare her to the finalists, and I think she really held her own. I’m not sure Adam has the weight to launch a new act off the back of his success, especially considering none of The Voice winners have become huge stars, but there’s not much pop-rock around at the moment and that makes Rozzi’s powerful, angsty performance quite refreshing. Psycho is an anthemic track with rock vocals, pop beats and lyrics Natalia Kills would be proud of. Think Demi Lovato if she was inspired by Alanis Morrissette. It’s not a recipe for success, but Rozzi at least knows the way to my iTunes library.