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In June I excitedly wrote about Hailee Steinfeld, the teen actress and long-standing Friend of Taylor who had signed a record deal with Universal Republic. I had a good feeling about her pop star potential, and sure enough, her debut single Love Myself is definitely poptastic. It's simple but incredibly catchy, with a chorus that has been running around my head since I first heard it. There’s nothing unique or surprising about this radio-friendly, upbeat empowerment anthem, but its immaculate construction belies its origin… Sweden, of course! Love Myself was produced by Mattman & Robin, a duo who are part of Max Martin’s new young team Wolf Cousins, based in Stockholm. Wolf Cousins were collectively responsible for the two best pop albums of 2014, 1989 by Taylor Swift and Queen of the Clouds by Tove Lo (who is herself a member of the group). I’m following them closely to see who they’ll be making magic for this year, under the watchful eye of their super-talented mentor, and as Hailee herself is such a promising pop star, I’m hoping that her album will be their next masterpiece.