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Social media stardom and famous family members can be enough to launch a new pop star on their own, so with both those boxes ticked, Mahogany LOX is certainly one to watch. Real name Mahogany Gordy, the 20-year-old singer is the granddaughter of Berry Gordy, founder of Motown, and sister of LMFAO’s Sky Blu. She has over a million followers on each of her Vine, Instagram and Twitter accounts. She is one of the most popular female Viners, and was part of the Magcon Tour alongside the app’s biggest young names, including Future Pop alumni Shawn Mendes and Jack and Jack. She has also taken part in DigiTour and DigiFest, another popular series of events featuring social media stars. Mahogany's debut single Boom is cute and catchy, but it's weak. However, it shows enough potential to suggest she’d make a good pop star, and her look and styling has improved a lot since her early photoshoots. The fanbase is there, so it’s time for a label to step in and work some magic.