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While we try to get over the news that the guys behind the “let me take a selfie” song are one of the biggest acts of 2016, The Chainsmokers’ team at Disruptor Management are busy launching another duo with similar appeal. Lost Kings are Nick Shanholtz and Rob Gainley, two LA producers who started out with progressive house remixes which took over the Hype Machine charts. Now their sound is dance-pop, and they’re best known for the singles Bad and You, from the Bad EP, released via Spinnin Records last year. Now they’ve got a deal with Sony and a new single, Phone Down, which is extremely 2016. It has a very current sound and relatable lyrics about someone who won’t stop looking at their phone, and features Emily Warren, who you’ll know as the vocalist on one of the year’s biggest viral breakthrough hits, Capsize by Frenship. I predict Phone Down will follow a very similar path.