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One of many things I’d like the UK music industry to copy from Scandinavia is their willingness to offer a slot on the major award shows to a new artist, giving them the chance for a breakthrough moment. Denmark’s P3 Guld put Saveus on the map last year, and this year it’s the turn of Off Bloom, a female-fronted trio making hipster indie-pop with an infusion of Spotpop (the MØ strain). Although they’re Danish, they’re managed by UK/US-based Tap Management (Lana, Dua etc.) and signed to Polydor. They got off to a slow start with unexciting buzz single Orchid in Sept, but the title track of their EP Love To Hate It caught my attention, especially for its entertaining DIY-style video, complete with dance routine and a very strange spider costume. They’ve been working with British producers such as George from AlunaGeorge and Two Inch Punch, but I hope they’ll retain their Scandi style.