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My weekly playlist features five tracks I predict will be future hit singles in the UK.


  • Miley Cyrus – Malibu
  • Logic ft. Alessia Cara & Khalid – 1-800-273-8255
  • Halsey – Now Or Never
  • Imagine Dragons – Thunder
  • Galantis – Hunter

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Released: 30th April
Writers: Alessia Cara, Sebastian Kole, Myron Birdsong, Samuel Gerongco, Anthony Life, Robert Gerongco, Terence Lam
Trivia: Alessia is one of the ten acts nominated for my Future Pop Stars of 2016 poll. You can vote for her to win here or read more about her story so far here.
Best bits: 1. “Hours later, congregating next to the refrigerator, some girl’s talking bout her haters, she ain’t got none.”
2. “Oh-ohoh here, oh-ohoh here, oh-ohoh I ask myself what am I doing here?”
3. “I’m sorry if I seem uninterested”


The biggest male singers of 2015 were Canadian, but there hasn’t been a big female artist from the land of maple syrup and lakes since the days of Nelly and Avril. That may be about to change as Alessia Cara goes into 2016 hotly tipped for success, with a US top 10 hit under her belt.

The accessibly edgy single Here has helped Alessia to build a strong teen fanbase, while still keeping the more mature music press on side. Although it made a big impact online immediately on release, Here has grown slowly over 7 months to become a commercial hit, and brought opportunities from performing with Taylor Swift to appearing on Later… with Jools Holland. With its rebellious yet relatable message, it’s certainly this year’s Royals. It hasn’t yet had its moment in the UK, but I’m hoping Alessia’s US success and her appearance in the BBC Sound of 2016 list will encourage Virgin EMI to give Here another push early in the new year. This song cannot peak at no. 144!

This year Alessia released an EP, Four Pink Walls, which confirmed her pop star potential, as it’s filled with poptastic tunes. I’m Yours shows the opposite side of her personality to Here, as it’s adorably sincere and uplifting. This side of 19-year-old Alessia was on full show at the London gig I attended in September. Her album Know-It-All was released in the US last month, and unfortunately it’s not as consistent, and lacks songs that will appeal to older fans in the same way as Here. However, if one dark, angsty song ends up being a trojan horse to bring us a sweet, happy pop star with great talent and likeability, I’m fine with that.

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Last week I had the chance to attend the first UK shows by two young female artists on the brink of pop stardom, Alessia Cara and Halsey. So far, as I wrote a few days ago, Halsey is storming ahead, but with a debut single as powerful as Here, Alessia is certainly still in the race. Here is all about the lyrics, which express a feeling of teenage disillusionment that has connected with a huge audience. It might be an alternative perspective compared to the positive songs about partying that fill the charts, but it’s a feeling all kinds of people have experienced. The rest of Alessia’s Four Pink Walls EP confirms that Alessia isn’t the outsider that Here might at first suggest, but a normal, and typically complex teenage girl, albeit much more talented than most. Her songs have a bubbly warmth and innocence which reflect the personality that comes across in her live show, and is also seen in the adorable set of videos she filmed for I’m Yours, Seventeen and Four Pink Walls. I chose I’m Yours as my Song of the Week because it stood out on first listen and was the crowd’s favourite at the Camden Barfly gig. It’s not edgy, but it’s strong, heartfelt pop that makes me very excited to hear more from Alessia.

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This week’s playlist features five new singles that are set to be the artist’s first hit.


  • Alessia Cara – Here
  • Hailee Steinfeld – Love Myself
  • Jidenna ft. Kendrick Lamar – Classic Man
  • Pia Mia ft. Chris Brown & Tyga – Do It Again
  • Tazer x Tink – Wet Dollars

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Taken from this week’s Future Pop mailer. Click here to subscribe.

Canadian pop-R&B singer Alessia Cara is a new signing to Def Jam, and her debut single Here has gained her a worldwide following over the past month. The three YouTube uploads of the song have almost 1 million plays combined. Before releasing Here, 18-year-old Alessia was largely unknown, with just a modest following on YouTube, where she has posted cover videos since she was 14. I find the success of Here quite heartwarming because it shows, even in a time when we’re bombarded with new songs and artists, you don’t need to have a huge online fanbase or a novelty factor to go viral. I’m sure Def Jam have put a good chunk of marketing spend behind the track, but the comments on the official video about the lyrics and the sound show her new fans love Alessia for her music and artistic persona. Her message about feeling alienated by the teen party scene clearly strikes a chord with many young people, and Here is a great antidote to the generic party tracks that it will soon be joining in the charts.