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When I saw Brooke Candy live in 2013, she was obnoxious and provocative. The music wasn’t great, but she certainly had personality and stage presence. Four years on and I’d long since moved on, so was surprised to hear she is still signed and her new single Living Out Loud is a collaboration with Sia. If you hadn’t heard of Brooke before, you wouldn’t guess from this track that she was a rapper. Instead, her contributions sound (quite topically, today) like early Lady Gaga, or the brilliant Art Angels album by Grimes. Sia dominates the song, and the chorus is one of her catchiest – after just two listens it was in my head all weekend. I assume this is meant to be Brooke’s pop crossover moment, but ironically I think she may have gone too pop to actually have a hit with this track. Luckily, nothing’s too pop for me.

This year I could ease myself into the Great Escape experience as none of my most anticipated acts were performing on the first day, but I still saw some exciting new talent.

During the day I attended several talks on the theme of Data and Discovery at The Old Courthouse. The most interesting people were the founders of Songkick, Eventbrite and Who Sampled, all sites I use and approve. Later on I went to the Digital Pitch Party, where new music startups explained their products, and this was the most fun part of the convention so far. I was impressed with Songdrop, where you can compile playlists from YouTube, Soundcloud and other sites, and MPme, which recommends online radio stations from around the world based on your music taste.

An unexpected trend this year, which I haven’t noticed in the past, is for speakers to get shirty about awkward questions. If you’re not prepared for an interrogation from the music industry, you shouldn’t sign up to give them a presentation!

After enjoying the Brighton tradition of chips on the beach with the We7 team, the music began. I started with old friends (and regular This Must Be Pop Live attendees!) Ruen Brothers, who were well received in the huge St Bartholomew’s Church. I then headed to Blind Tiger for another retro rocker, female singer Findlay. I loved her high energy performance but did feel she was missing a more subtle moment amongst the rocking out. Overall she definitely showed star quality and from the packed venue I’d says she’s one to watch.

Next, I returned to the giant church to see a band I recently reviewed not so positively, London Grammar. I still wouldn’t buy their music but appreciated their musicianship and there were a few songs with potential. However, my final act of the night reminded me exactly why I don’t bother with indie music. American rapper Brooke Candy bitched her way through a raucous set at the Noisey night at Audio. The venue was split – the Tumblr teens at the front loved it, the grumps at the back said it was “a showcase of the worst things about humanity.” I was with the teens.

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Taken from this week’s Future Pop mailer. Click here to subscribe.

Although the big contenders, Azealia, Angel and Iggy, are yet to really break through, the onslaught of female rappers continues. Brooke Candy, a U.S. rapper who performed in London last week, has attracted a lot of attention for her explicit lyrics and videos, and her “Tumblr aesthetic” is certainly on trend. Like many of the new female rappers, Brooke has skipped past the hip-hop scene to appeal to the indie blogger community by collaborating with Grimes and Charli XCX. The problem with this fanbase is that they aren’t loyal, and when they move on to the next trend Brooke may be left behind, so she’ll need to make a big impression in order to stick around.