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Now that we’ve surveyed the state of pop at the start of 2018, it’s time to review the candidates for this year’s biggest breakthrough acts. Here are the 10 future stars I think will capture pop fans’ hearts. Read on to learn more about them and have your say on  which you think, and hope, will make it big.

Billie Eilish

Billie is a perky blonde teen star from a musical family based in LA, but she’s definitely not the new Miley or Selena. Her alt-pop sound and outlandish style combine to create a unique, quirky artist for the Instagram age.


K-pop group BTS are already arguably the biggest boyband in the world, and as the west takes note of their pulling power, they’re sure to get more mainstream media opportunities like this and this in 2018.

Eves Karydas

Aussie singer Eves is probably the least established of the acts featured here, but she might just have the most pop star potential. Her first major label release, There For You, set the tone for an exciting year ahead.

Lauren Jauregui

Camila Cabello might have outshone her former bandmates in 2017, but she wasn’t the only fan favourite in Fifth Harmony. Lauren is talented and outspoken with a more alternative style, so her solo debut is sure to be intriguing.


PrettyMuch are the most polished and modern of the US boybands. They’ve had great support and investment from their label, and though it hasn’t quite clicked yet, I still feel the right single could skyrocket them.


The most promising X Factor act in years, Rak-Su already have a no.2 single under their belts, and are ready to capitalise on their win with an EP of their most popular original songs expected in the next few months.

Sarah Close

Singer-songwriter Sarah is a YouTube star with true talent and pop star potential. Her girl-next-door persona is reminiscent of early Taylor Swift, yet her thoughtful electro-pop would fit right in on 1989 or Reputation.


The cute, charismatic indie blogger’s fave hasn’t quite made her mark on the pop scene yet, but with strong media support and a prominent showing in the 2018 tip lists, all she needs now is a hit-worthy song.

Why Don’t We

Boyband Why Don’t We look like they were picked at random from a sixth form college, but the accessible vibe gives them an appeal that stylish, edgy PrettyMuch are missing. They’re the underdogs only to people who don’t know teen girls.


Recently signed to Interscope US, Yungblud is a northern lad with charm and energy to spare. He’s a great live performer and talented songwriter, who represents the politically engaged, opinionated teens of today.

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Island have taken an interesting approach to the challenge of breaking new female pop acts – they seem to be scouring the world for foreign artists with star potential. After signing and developing Danish pop star Sigrid, they’re following the same strategy with Eves Karydas. She previously had a couple of small but enjoyable hits in her home country of Australia, with the tracks TV and Electrical, released under the name Eves The Behavior. Perhaps due to the spelling issue (typing Behavior without the “u” is quite traumatic for us Brits) she switched to her real surname, though Eves isn’t her real first name – she’s actually called Hannah. Her new single There For You is a natural progression from her past singles: more commercial with a more glamorous video, but still cool, youthful and fun. The track makes it easy to compare her to Lorde, Lana and Halsey, or even the latest incarnation of Taylor Swift, but it feels more like an amalgamation of current stars than something derivative. I suspect Eves might just be sharing space with Sigrid on a few 2018 ones to watch lists. Spoiler alert: I’ve already noted her down for mine.