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Since Australia has become a pop power player, I’ve been playing close attention to their music scene. I recently discovered a very charming, catchy pop song called Get Down by unsigned and unknown artist Jess Kent in their Shazam new release chart. The track made waves locally thanks to support from Triple J, but it shows just how much attention is on Australia right now that a few weeks later her cute emoji-themed video has been tweeted by will.i.am, Coldplay and Zane Lowe, and Jess has made trips to LA and London, undoubtedly to discuss her bright future as a major label pop star. Her Lily Allen-esque sound betrays her English upbringing, though she moved to suburban Adelaide (the inspiration for Get Down’s lyrics) at 11, and now at 21 lives in Sydney. A close friend of social media star Sarah Ellen, Jess started out by posting YouTube covers of artists such as Ed Sheeran. These have now been removed, which seems like a smart move – with a song and video as appealing as Get Down, why let anything get in its way?