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My weekly playlist features five tracks I predict will be future hit singles in the UK.


  • Migos ft. Lil Uzi Vert – Bad and Boujee
  • Tinie Tempah ft. Tinashe – Text From Your Ex
  • The Chainsmokers – Paris
  • Noah Cyrus ft. Labrinth – Make Me (Cry)
  • AJR – Weak

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Over the past two weeks I’ve featured 10 artists I believe could be the breakthrough pop stars of 2017. I don’t think pop acts get enough attention in the ones to watch lists from the BBC, Brits, MTV etc, especially considering that they have a tendency to become the biggest selling artists. To redress the balance, it’s time we pop fans had our say about who we think and hope will be the next big thing. There are no restrictions on what the artists in this poll have done before. If they’re a new act by any definition, they are eligible. The only rule is that they must be pop. Click here to read about the nominees and sample their music so far.

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When I wrote about Noah Cyrus in Future Pop at the end of October, she was yet to officially announce that she was launching a pop career. I guessed that she was signed to Records in the US, and soon found out she was with Syco in the UK. Now, six weeks later, she has a single in the Billboard Hot 100, a music video with 18 million views, and she’s here in my Stars of 2017 top 10.

These are all impressive achievements (especially the last one, obv), but a burst of immediate success could simply be attributed to her celebrity connections, as the little sister of Miley and daughter of Billy Ray. It’s what comes next that will really determine whether the youngest of the Cyrus clan can forge a career when the novelty wears off. Personally I’m not sold on the debut single – I’ve always found Labrinth overrated, and this feel more like his song than hers, as it’s so typical of his style. However, she has a great voice, and I’m pleased she’s taking a different musical direction, both to her sister and to the other new female artists of the moment.

Although I hadn’t heard any of Noah’s music when I first wrote about her, I stick by the concerns I had at the time. Going straight for a more edgy sound and look removes the possibility for fans to grow with her, like they did with Miley, and anything rebellious she does lacks impact when she was never really known as a sweet and innocent child star. I’m also skeptical of the bland list of British writers and producers she’s had sessions with (Sam Romans, Two Inch Punch, and Labrinth of course), though I’m still holding out hope for the fruits of her work with Noonie Bao. Nonetheless, a teen star with a large online following and major label backing is always a promising proposition, so I’m looking forward to seeing where this goes next.

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Taken from this week’s Future Pop mailer. Click here to subscribe.

Age 16 might be pretty young to begin a music career, but Noah Cyrus is already behind compared to her older sister. The teenage sibling of Miley Cyrus and daughter of Billy Ray Cyrus recently signed her first record and publishing deals, with a rumoured $350k advance. The label (which my snooping suggests is independent label RECORDS) are taking a leap of faith on an artist who’s never released so much as a Soundcloud buzz track, but it’s fair enough – not only has she got pop stardom in her genes, but she’s already got 2 million followers on Instagram and 500k on Twitter. Noah already has an edgy vibe on social media, apparently having skipped the clean-cut Disney phase that made Miley a star, which may be a misguided move – after all, it was Miley’s sweet and innocent past that made her rebellious sound and style controversial later. Noah’s musical direction is yet unknown, but she has been working with several British names, including Sam Romans, Two Inch Punch, Digital Farm Animals and Labrinth, and more promisingly with one of my Swedish faves, Noonie Bao. You can hear her singing in this video with her dad from last year.