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Released: 22nd September
Writers: Jörgen Elofsson, Rhys
Trivia: Rhys is the latest pop protegée  of Jörgen Elofsson, a former member of the Swedish production team Cheiron (alongside Max Martin). After the Cheiron days he colluded  with Simon Cowell to  give pop music a bad name, providing  generic ballads for Idol winners and Westlife, but he  can still pull out a pop banger when he feels inclined. Some of his best work includes Stronger by Kelly Clarkson, What You’ve Done To Me by Samantha Jade, and of course, Too Good To Be True by Rhys.
Best bits: 1.  I’m beginning to believe it’s possible to have someone like you without the pain
2. I want the light without the darkness (not tonight)
3. You know what they say, can’t have it all your way

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Great pop music can come from anywhere in the world, but sometimes a new song comes along just to remind us that no-one does it better than the Swedes. Rhys is a young female singer who was born in the US, but has lived in Sweden since she was 10. Signed to Warner Music, she had a breakthrough hit this summer with the track Last Dance. It was a promising start with a current sound, but it’s her new single Too Good To Be True that really impressed me. Co-written and produced by former Cheiron member Jörgen Elofsson, it has a really fun, joyous feel and a soaring sound, with uplifting lyrics on a relatable theme I haven’t heard in song before. As someone who would prefer all films to have a happy beginning, middle and ending, the sentiment definitely appeals to me. I can see Rhys becoming the next Agnes, and she’ll be a strong contender if she pops up in Melodifestivalen 2018.