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Released: 12th September
Writers: Sofi Tukker, James Patterson, NERVO, Alisa Ueno
Trivia: This song is like an electro-pop Band Aid… except instead of raising money for charity, its key purpose was to sell iPhones (and be performed by the poo emoji). New York duo Sofi Tukker brought together an international collective of DJs and singers to create the ultimate party scene soundtrack, almost a caricature of dance music. Impressively, they managed to get the whole bunch together for the music video, which even features a choreographed dance routine on a big hill.
Best bits: 1. Do you wanna meet me at the bar? Yah! Do you wanna meet me at the lounge? Yah! Do you wanna meet me at the club? Yah! Do you wanna meet me downtown? OK!
2. That’s the way it is, that’s the way it goes, it’s just us two, it’s deja-vu, it’s what we know
3. Every time you call on me, I drop what I do, you are my best friend and we’ve got some shit to shoot

Taken from this week’s Future Pop mailer. Click here to subscribe.

This week Sofi Tukker returned to their natural home, soundtracking an Apple ad, and they did it in style. Their hectically brilliant new single Best Friend accompanied the announcement of the new iPhone X. Although the kooky New York duo are the artists taking primary credit for the song, it’s a collaboration with two other, equally Apple-friendly electro-pop duos, The Knocks and Nervo, plus Japanese DJ/influencer Alisa Ueno. The track has a bombastic bassline and a series of sassy hooks – there’s a lot more to it than the “Do you wanna meet me” line from the ad. You may know Sofi Tucker from their 2015 single Drinkee, which was heard in a TV ad for the Apple Watch.

Taken from this week’s Future Pop mailer. Click here to subscribe.

Sofi Tukker is not what it seems, in more ways than one. They’re actually a duo, not a female solo artist, and although their first two singles are in Portuguese, they’re both American and met at Brown University. Sophie Hawley-Weld and Tucker Halpern now live in NYC, and their music brings a New York edge to current European trends. Their best-known song Drinkee, which gained exposure via an Apple Watch ad, sits somewhere between Feder and CSS. TheAddal remix of Drinkee has 900k plays on Soundcloud, and the original version has done even better on Spotify, with 4 million plays accumulated since it premiered last summer. So far the track has been a hit in Italy and Turkey, and the band are slowly building industry buzz in the UK and US, with Beats 1 among their champions. They recently played a secret showcase in London, and will be at SXSW later this month. Signed to The Knocks’ label HeavyRoc Music and the same management as Dragonette and Cut Copy, Sofi Tukker are finding their place in the US electro-pop scene, but their challenge will be to win over a mainstream audience. The Portuguese lyrics give them a unique cool factor, but they may have to translate that same appeal into their English-language tracks to access a larger audience.